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      How to design and decorate Barez Industrial Group shops
      Shops which sell tires are the contact point for customers, sellers and brands. Therefore, Barez Industrial Group has compiled certain standards which should be applied to decorating and displaying store signs.
      Barez Tire shops throughout the country are designed according to the following:
      A- Sub-distribution network of Barez Tires; This group of sellers acquire Barez products indirectly through agents and subsequently initiate their distribution.
      Rules for granting signs to tire sellers are according to the following order: Ownership of the shop, at least third of tires available in the shop must be Barez, approval of ethics by Barez legal representative, appropriate shop size and position at the present, concluding a contract and undertaking of the shop owner to cover and pay all legal taxes for beautification, etc., submission of a promissory note in the specified amount. Providing that all the aforementioned items are properly met then Barez Industrial Group will commence its work on designing the store sign. Once the sign has been mounted and approved by the local expert then the group will initiate payments through the agent. Please, note that agent n umber is not inserted ion these signs.
      B- Sales Agents: This group of sellers will have an agent code number inserted on their signs and their signs will be up-to-date and include the latest Barez standards. Most Barez Industrial Group agents are in possession of signs with the following format. Signs bear the agent code number which maybe used to ensure their activation at the website. All Barez Industrial Group agents must have and display an exterior sign. Conditions of concluding a contract, submission of a promissory note and payments are the same as in Paragraph A.
      C- Superior Agents: These agents are selected based on the volume of purchase, provision of services and commission of systems and their shops look identical in design and display format.
      These signs are awarded to those agents who have had a suitable volume of purchase for three consecutive years. As far as shop standards and requisitions for obtaining these signs are concerned, the following items apply:
      1- Submission of the requisition by the agent
      2- Review and approval of the requisition by the Advertising Department and determination of the amount of the assistance package
      3- Conclusion and signing of a contract along with presentation of a promissory note in the amount of IRR 100,000,000 by the superior agent
      4- Presentation of the necessary information to be inserted on the sign
      5- Designing the sign and dispatch of design for proper implementation
      6- Inspection and approval of the local expert upon completion of the design plan (interior design and shop sign)
      7- Dispatch of documents and payment of the assistance package
      The color of the sign frame is silver and the background of the sign is grey. The letters used in the sign (Barez logo) are made of channelium and are red and have illumination. However, the letters used for the agent are white and do not have illumination.
      Barez Industrial Group Design Department is assigned the task of designing the exterior sign and the agent cannot make any changes in writings, font sizes, etc.
      No costs for non-standard signs will be reimbursed.
      Exterior of the shop:
      The glass used must be full-length and tempered. Window shutters must be power operated and white. 5/1 of the center must be red similar to Winston red and the rest (top and bottom) must be white. Exterior columns must be made of the material used in the sign frame and 5/1 of its center must be red and the rest (top and bottom) must be silver