• Environmental Advertising

      Banners and billboards are not the only approach to advertising and they do have their own specific advantages and limitations. However; experience shows that smart application of these advertising tools is quite effective in the introduction of the brand and advancement of its overall objectives. Nevertheless, it should be kept in mind that advertisements produce the best result when media and different methods are used to deliver a special message to the addressees. Organizations and larger companies with years of experience behind them are well aware of this fact and try to reach their addressees through different types of media. They carefully consider the type of product and its correlation to the target group and try to exploit various mediums such as radio, television, cinema, press, billboards and posters as optimally as possible.
      Three important indices for the message: short, illustrative and beautiful.
      Billboards are more of an advertising tool rather than a media which can transfer and deliver their message quite effectively. Any media which is highly effective for advertising and can affect the survival and proper position of an advertisement is referred to as an effective media. In other words any media which is capable of characterising the message of sales and marketing within the target groups and stimulates their senses to assess their level of demand for a product or to institute a sense of demand and recognition of that need and gets the addressees to respond is an effective media. At the beginning of each year, Barez Industrial Group starts its annual regional marketing campaign in order to identify penetrable markets. Accordingly, billboards are prepared and named for two different domains, one for passenger car radial tires and one for cargo transport radial tires. Billboard pertaining to cargo transport radial tires are mostly displayed in heavy commute routes within cities and passenger car radial tire billboards are often situated in locations where drivers often assemble, at busy intersections and along main corridors for cargo transport and popular travel routes. Therefore, it is extremely crucial to be fully aware of the program which is to be implemented in any given year. Some features are absolutely essential to billboards, namely illumination and lighting, height, angle of view from the road, maintenance, etc. so to propose the billboard you have in mind, please download the relevant form and after completing it, have it sent to marketing@barez.com along with price and photos.
      Method of interacting with Barez Industrial Group:
      1- Establishing contact to find out the work plan constituted by Barez Industrial Group and environmental marketing campaign
      2- Completing the required form and having it sent
      3- Selecting a local expert to inspect and approve the billboard
      4- Conducting negotiations with the expert on environmental advertising to conclude required contracts
      5- Downloading the relevant contract file, completing it and having it sent (file text is available in the appendix)
      6- Sending the file and starting the display
      7- Paying the cost of display
      Specifications/criteria for selecting a billboard:
      1- An area of over 75 meters
      2- Direction or bearing of the billboard as compared to the road
      3- Direction or bearing of the billboard as compared to the sun
      4- Having the right facilities for night time illumination
      5- Method of display and maintenance