• Campaign of All steel Radial Tires for Buses and Transportation Vehicles

      In recent years, Barez Industrial Group with full consideration to the projections made regarding the development and growth of the cargo transport and passenger fleets across the country along with the application of one of the best technologies for the manufacture of steel wire radial tires (TBR) and also by keeping in mind the prevailing climatic and road conditions, has made an all out effort to manufacture radial tires which are suitable for such vehicles for the first time in Iran and the Middle East region. Since there is a great deal of sensitivity associated with this line of products, all tires are manufactured and marketed by this group with the highest level of safety standards. These products are designed and manufactured with particular attention to the following features:
      1- Safety
      2- Durability and long life span
      3- Reduction in fuel consumption
      4- Ease in driving
      Concerning the above-stated items, Barez tires have been able to pass different QC tests successfully and acquire the approval of many auto makers such as Daimler Benz Germany. Moreover, this group has tried in recent years to design and manufacture bus tires with added structural safety features through the utilization of Cool Runner Technology. This means that the crown area consists entirely of wires and wall and top are made of a cooler mix which produces less heat in high speeds and cools off much quicker. Additionally, all steel wire radial tires made for cargo transport vehicles by Barez are manufactured with a distinct structure for more durability and higher rate of ability to carry heavier loads.
      All such preparations have placed Barez steel wire radial tires above Korean and Chinese counterparts in the market and they have been able to easily take a large part of the market from the American, European and Japanese brands to an extent that they currently rank number one in the market among various tire sizes being purchased. With these explanations, Barez Tires is constantly striving to illustrate the distinct qualities of its line of tires in most of its advertisement campaigns in order to promote the attained experience in using such tires. Accordingly, this group exploits the power of media and implements programs for the proper use of these products. It should also be noted that radio commercials are also an essential tool for advertising.