• Passenger car radial campaign

      These campaigns have been planned to promote the true values of Barez radial tires. Currently, because of unique properties such as a longer life span and more durability (due to a deign process to make tires more resistant) as well as taking account of factors like comfort of driving (due to softness of tire walls), driver’s peace of mind, safety of products and reduction of fuel consumption (due to lower rolling resistance) Barez radial products have gradually opened up their way into the consumer’s market and established themselves as high end products. Furthermore, Barez is the first and the only Iranian company which has been able to start utilizing different silica compositions in the manufacture of various products designed for the winter season and driving over mud and ice, this company has also started manufacturing tires for luxury cars such as Mazda, Nissan, etc. and will initiate marketing tires for two axial and sports cars by the end of 2014. Today, Barez radials are recognized as the best Iranian made tires which are comparable to similar Korean tires available in the domestic market. Additionally, prices have been defined in such a way as to have them categorized as some of the most reasonable and cost effective in the market. Accordingly, this group with the aim of attracting the interest of drivers who use these products will be using environmental and electronic media this year based on the following definitions:
      - Definition of comfortable driving
      - Definition of safety and protection
      - Definition of reduction of fuel consumption