• Promotional Gifts

      In order to upgrade its brand, Barez Industrial Group supplies promotional gifts and printed materials every year for decoration of shop window displays and the promotion of the correct use of Barez products. Therefor; all creative suppliers are cordially requested to extend their cooperation to Barez Industrial Group in providing goods and valuable, creative gifts.
      The General Marketing Office has been assigned the grand responsibility of procuring such items, whereby this office has adopted the following methods to implement this important task:
      1 - Assessing the market demand for advertising and printed items
      2 - Planning and instituting an appropriate budget for the procured items
      3- Selecting the general supplier
      4- Making inquiries on ordering and purchasing the required items
      5- Purchase, control and storage of secured items
      6- Planning the distribution of items
      Method of supplying the items and promotional gifts: The purchase operations of Barez Industrial Group starts in the second quarter of each year, accordingly all our valued suppliers are respectfully requested to send a complete list of their documents including catalogues, a description of activities, item samples and a client list to the Office of Customer Relations and Development of the Brand Name. All submitted document will subsequently be reviewed and Barez Industrial Group will send an inquiry on general supply, distribution and storage of items to the selected supplier which has been approved of having the right capability for providing the required items.
      Purchase of items: At the time of purchasing each required item, both Barez Industrial Group and the selected supplier will run independent inquiries in the market and from other suppliers. These inquiries will be entered into purchase biddings and the supply of each item will be granted to the relevant winner. Winner of the bid undertakes to provide the promotional gifts or the printed materials in accordance with the submitted price and the level of quality inserted in the technical description of goods.
      Method of Payment: All payments made by Barez Industrial Group will be done through the purchase representative. For high amount purchases or pursuant to a supplier’s request, 20% of the sum maybe paid out at the onset of the purchase (upon providing a promissory note) and the remaining outstanding balance maybe settled upon delivery of items to the warehouse.
      Required items: Work clothes, T-shirts, shirts, work jackets, vests for drivers, document wallets for drivers, waist bags made of canvas, towels, laptop bags/cases made of canvas, various booklets, brochures, catalogues, various leather wallets (for pocket, passport and office use), various luxury and executive style pens, stationery pens, laptops, mobile sets, MP3 players, fountain pens, picture frames, foam boards, stickers, metal stands, plastic cartons, tire stands, brochure holders, various banners and regular laminated posters.
      Method of use and application has been sent in PDF format for translation.