• History and Definition of the Brand

      The strategy of Barez Industrial Group was to have a general commercial name for its products and services. Hence, since the onset of the establishment of this company, concerned company officials have extended a great deal of attention to selecting this name. The primary idea of the name Barez was put forth by Master Parizi Kermani mainly based on the following criteria:
      - Existence of a summit in Kerman called Barez
      - Appropriate definition of the word, namely distinct and superior, and
      - the fact that each letter making up the word had a direct correlation to the range of company activities and products
      The task of designing logos, fonts and written forms was carried out by Master Momayez in 1987 while at the same time the visual identity booklet was being prepared.
      The brand logo was also registered at the Bureau of Company and Industrial Property Registration in the same year under Registration no. 62631. Moreover, on 09/04/1995 (1374/06/13), the Farsi brand was registered under no. 78501 and what’s more on November 3rd, 2008 it was registered at the Madrid Convention.

      Campaign of Steel Wire Radial Tires for Buses and Transportation Vehicles