• مسئولیت اجتماعی
    • Product corporate responsibility

      Barez Industrial Group is committed to support consumers and their loved ones against the risks associated with transportation. Therefore, the design process underlines a high safety level for its products and designs the products body with a higher standard. It also aims to create an attractive and comfortable driving experience, and designs and offers different products like sports car tires, tires with greater comfort, etc. Also, in order to respect the environment, in recent years the Group has attempted to design tires with less rolling resistance to reduce fuel consumption and air pollution. This group, with the same approach to exports target markets, launched product distributors and after-sales services agents’ centers and is striving to carry out market research projects, to increase the rate of compliance of its products according to customers’ demands and market developments. Barez products currently have 30 after-sales services starting from the date of production. Based on the condition of observing the amount of tire pressure and recommended use of the tires in normal conditions, these tires will be accepted by Barez representatives; and after-sales service experts replace the tire after obtaining expert confirmation.