• شرکت های گروه
    • Barez Companies Group

      At the meantime, with the aim of creating more value in the supply chain, Barez has purchased stocks, set up partnerships and launched several factories. List of these factories are presented below:

      • Tire production factories: Kerman Barez Tire and Kurdistan Barez Tire
      • Purchasing shares of Simorq Industrial Soot Co.
      • Purchasing stocks of Iran Tire Industries Engineering & Research Co.
      • Barez Saman tire distribution company ownership
      • Ownership and updating the Sirjan tire coating factory
      • Purchasing Simorq Commercial stocks
      Barez Industrial Group
      Kerman Tire Industrial Complex
      Simorgh Industrial Carbon Black Co
      Kurdistan Barez Tire Co.
      Engineering & Research Rubber Industries Co.
      Saman Barez Tire Co.
      Simorgh Rubber Industries Commercial Co.
      Sirjan Tire Industrial Complex.
      Barez Tarabar Co